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Hi, my name’s Bart,

bartHow are you? Thank you for visiting my site.

I’m passionate about sports and helping people to make their dreams and goals come true. However, I’ve not been this all my life and it took quite an adventure to get where I am today. The past couple of years I found out what my real purpose in life is and that is to help people with sports, motivation and success. Before I get to that, first some perspective on my background. Visit me also on LinkedIn.

Quaint upbringing

I was born in Sittard, Netherlands. That also explains why you might find a high density of Dutch related stuff on this site. I grew up in a loving family where my little brother and I grew up in a small village in the south of the Netherlands.

My passions

Playing with Legos was my main past time as a child and it stirred me to become an engineer. After high school I studied mechanical engineering at Zuyd University and went for my masters in aerospace engineering to Delft University of Technology. During my studies I participated in many things e.g. honours program, board of a student education committee, tutor in mathematics/ physics and IDEA League in 2013. The league is an international collaboration between technical universities also organises yearly sports competitions between the universities. In 2013 I was selected with 9 other top athletes to represent our university in the fitness triathlon category. We won first place that year.

Golden nuggets

My rigour in studies and experiences in extra curricular activities, mainly sports, gave me a great set of habits. This lead in my final year of studies to become part of Bestgraduates which is a platform for the top 100 graduates in the country to get into contact with the top companies and institutions to increase chances on a great position within these places.

Currently, I work as a scientist at our national research institute TNO. In 2015 I am selected as one of the top 100 young professionals in the country by Best Young Professionals (Dutch), which is affeliated to Bestgraduates. What this will bring me, I don’t know ;-).

I fell in love with obstacle running somewhere along the way because it provides a challenge where I must have a great physical and mental strength and stamina to master all obstacles, terrain and weather. I’ve finished several races as you can see here.

My goal with this section is not to brag about what I’ve done so far but give you a base of reference for the next section.


I became heavily involved in sports during the last part of my studies and current day job. So much so, that I founded the Spartan Workout which was assimilated by the university’s sports center. Here I have the honor of coaching students and top athletes to become the best they can be both physically and mentally.

Years of sports and coaching has given me greater insight in why I am successful in my fields of science and sports. In retrospect I started to understand how my mind works and how I could influence it more effectively to become successful in other areas as well. I noticed a new passion growing these past years. I feel the need to help as many people as I can to achieve similar, or even greater success than me ;-).

Now I feel it’s time to share my knowledge on sports, obstacle racing, motivation and success with you because I believe I can help you if you need it.

Thank you for reading and please visit me also on LinkedIn.


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