Motivation and Success

Turn attention inwards

The right exercises, workouts, diets, clothing and whatever you can think of won’t matter until you take action and sustain in taking action. Years of working out, obtaining academic degrees, books on motivation and success and general life experience has taught me a thing or two about how the mind works.

Through the grind

Going to the gym or workout can be hard at times, especially if you’re a novice and want to change your physical appearance for whatever reason. However, at some point you feel drawn to the gym or the place where you regularly workout. Like it doesn’t require any effort to go and workout. In contrary, I feel at my best only WHENEVER I CAN workout. I didn’t know for a long time how this came to be and how to accelerate this process until recently. Studying the material of prominent motivational speakers such as Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins gave me a great pragmatic understanding of the human psyche.

The purpose of this page is to provide an understanding of the mind and how to use it effectively to create proper workout habits fast. This helps you change your lifestyle permanently to get the results you want in a lasting and fun way.

The material on motivation and success is presented in two forms:

  1. Books and sources mainly on success I’ve read and used and which I recommend others to take a look at.
    1. You can also go directly to all my book review by clicking here.
    2. Or you can read all the golden nuggets I gathered from books and life experience by clicking here.
  2. Videos mainly on motvation I’ve watched and found inspiring to get in a zone to take action.


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