Mountain climber

Main focus area: Shoulders, abs, legs in a lesser extent.

mountain climber

Mountain climber

Why do this?

Mountain climbers is a great exercise for the endurance of the core and shoulders. This exercise helps to build an enduring core for running and all sports that require a long period steady core such as obstacle running or swimming.

How to do this?

  1. Start in push up position.
  2. Pull your left knee towards your left elbow keeping your bum leveled.
  3. Place your left foot back in the original position and simultaneously bring your right knee to your right elbow keeping your bum leveled.
  4. Place your right foot back in the original position and simultaneously repeat with your left knee.

How to vary?

Increase difficulty: Go as fast as you can or raise your knee diagonally, e.g. left knee to right elbow, to increase the distance your knee needs to travel by contracting your abs more.

Decrease difficulty: Go slower or instead of simultaneously go from putting your one foot back and contracting your other knee, just step in and out without the little jump inbetween required for the simultaneity.

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