Tractor Tire Flip

Main body focus: Legs, lower back, abs and arms.

Why do this?

Tractor tire flips is a strength exercise that builds strength an nearly all muscles between the knees and the chest. This exercise builds functional strength in the core and legs which is expecially well suited for sports like rugby and obstacle running.

How to do this?

  1. Take a wide stance near the tire, about a meter spread between the feet.
  2. Squate down with a straight back and grab the tire at the lower edge.
  3. Lift the tire by generating force from your legs, glutes and lower back.
  4. While lifting, walk forwards while pushing the tire and flip it.
  5. Repeat

How to vary?

Increase difficulty: Take a heavier tire or perform the exercise lifting the tire with one hand at a time.

Decrease difficulty: Take a lighter tire or only lift the tire to hip height without moving forwards, then put the tire down again.

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