How to use this site, read first.

Why Spartan Lifestyle?

Welcome to Spartan Lifestyle where I share my philosophy on what a successful lifestyle entails first and foremost in the arena of sports but also in other facets of life. I built this site with the purpose of sharing my knowledge on sports, obstacle racing and motivation. Why the name Spartan Lifestyle? Because Spartan represents determination, fortitude, discipline, resourcefulness, companionship and a fail-to-succeed attitude for me and that resonates to my core. Lifestyle because I chose to become the master of myself after running my first obstacle run which flows through everything I do.

What you can expect to find here

If you’re in need of the following then I can help you:

  • Workout schedules and the science behind or how-to of effective exercises.
  • Practical tips for obstacle racing, think of clothes, diet pre/during/post race and how to overcome certain obstacles.
  • Motivation and habits to keep you going, how to get motivated and what habits you need to become successful in sports and in general.

Why I know stuff

I’m an avid obstacle runner and I’m passionate about sports next to my daytime job as an aerospace engineer. Note that I’m only an amateur obstacle runner. I started obstacle racing in 2013, which is also the year I founded the Spartan Workout and together with my Spartan Captains we currently train 10-30 people three times a week. Next to my Facebook group this is my attempt to compile the knowledge and experience I have gained in one comprehensive source.

How to use this site

The main content are posts just like a regular blog. However, I created various subsites with short explanations on how to read certain posts in a proper context, to gain a deeper understanding and to provide an overview. Each of the following subsites shows a summary or overview on the following subjects:

  • Workouts & Exercises: This tab shows how various individual exercises can be performed and how to combine them into workouts. I go deeper into the science behind exercises to show which parameters lead to certain results. The workouts in this tab are examples that describe dozens of hours of workouts. Here I go deeper in what kind of sets you can make and how they affect your progress.
  • Obstacle Running: Here I show you my experiences with obstacle running: what works and what doesn’t. I’ll show you what outfits I pick and why based on the distance, time of year and environment of a specific run. For this I use the races I’ve been to as an example so meanwhile you can familiarize with the kind of obstacle runs there are around the world. Diet is a paramount part of obstacle racing. I share my diet plan for what to eat in the days prior to the race, what to feed your body with during the race and what to devour after crossing the finish line. Maybe I’ll put some recipes in there as well just for the heck of it ;-).
  • Motivation & Success: I’ve had, and still have, my fair share of obstacles during training and life in general. However, I see that I do something different than people around me that makes me successful in sports, helping people and academics. For this I want to share what works for me and my view on creating your own success.
  • Spartan Workout: The Spartan Workout is the genesis of Spartan Lifestyle. Spartan Workout is a community of (amateur) athletes that we started to build since 2013.

I wish you happy reading and please let me know what you think. I’m always learning ;-).


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