Exercises overview

This page contains an overview of all exercises found on this site. Each exercise has labels which include the body parts it focusses on and in which domains it can be performed.

These domains include the following three:

  1. Explosive (Ex) domain: Exercises are performed with short bursts of high stress motions generating a high heart rate. Explosive exercises help to improve power output to be able to generate great forces and speed in short amounts of time.
  2. Strength (St) domain: These exercises have longer periods of high stress with less variability than explosive exercises generating a medium-high heart rate. Strength exercises help to improve the amount of mass one can move over a certain period of time by building more muscle over time.
  3. Endurance (En) domain: Continuous stress applied over long periods of time with a low-medium heart rate are characteristic endurance exercises. These exercises help to build a better fuel supply to the muscles for sustaining certain levels of strength over long periods of time.

The body parts we focus on are the following:

  1. Chest.
  2. Shoulders.
  3. Arms.
  4. Abs.
  5. Upper back.
  6. Lower back.
  7. Legs.

Note, that we apply a coarse division of the body because nearly all exercises we do are compound exercises using multiple groups of muscles at once.

The table below shows the current exersises on this site. The table will expand through time as each of the individual exercises are added as posts in the Exercises category.

All exercises are ordered in the following way:

  1. Exercise name.
  2. List of body parts activated during the exercise.
  3. Image of the exercise.
  4. Why do this exercise.
  5. Step-by-step explanation on how to perform the exercise.
  6. How to vary the exercise.

Exercises overview

ExerciseDomainBody part
Push upEx, StChest, shoulders, arms, abs
SquatEx, StLower back, legs
BurpeeEx, EnChest, shoulders, arms, abs, lower back, legs
Sit upEx, StAbs
LungeEx, StLegs, abs, lower back
Back contractorStLower back
PlankSt, EnAbs
Wall sitSt, EnLegs
Jumping jackEnLegs, shoulders
Mountain climberEnShoulders, legs, abs
Ankle biterEx, StAbs
Leg raiseEx, StAbs
Windshield wiperEx, StAbs
Agility dotsEx, EnLegs, lower back, abs
BridgeEnLower back, legs
Push up clapExChest, shoulders, arms, abs
Pull upEx, StArms, upper back
Chin upEx, StArms, upper back, lower back
Side plankSt, EnAbs, legs
Air bikeEx, StAbs
Pike push upStChest, shoulders, arms
Tricep push upEx, StChest, arms, shoulders, abs
Tricep dipStArms, upper back
Bear crawlSt, EnChest, shoulders, arms, legs, abs, lower back
Inverse flutter kicksStLegs, lower back
Jack kniveEx, StAbs
Tractor tire flipStLegs, lower back, abs, arms
Cross crunchStAbs
Overview of all exercises on this site. Left column shows the exercises name, middle column shows in which domain(s) the exercise occur, right column shows which body parts are used.

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